Invoice Processing & Freight Invoice Auditing

Understanding Logistics invoices requires insight into the structure and complexities of multiple carrier documents and the capture needs of the clients who use these carriers to ship. Currencies, miscellaneous charges, freight forwarding, multiple backup documents, etc. add to these complexities. iTech applies automation to invoice processing and freight invoice auditing.

A Machine Learning paired indexing process sorts invoices as soon as they are uploaded. A process that takes seconds and involves little to no human intervention. Invoices are then sorted by carrier and by the client allowing client specific Machine Learning rules to be applied, and highly accurate data outputs created.

Scrubbed output data that requires auditing enters a queue where audits are performed. We pair robotic process automation with our machine learning services to perform lookups and check client contracts.

The result is invoice processing and freight invoice auditing that is measured by hours, not days. Clean, virtually error-free data that makes your company shine and results in accurate payments. Cost efficiencies that set you apart from your competition.

Additionally, iTech’s iClarify tool always gives Freight Audit and Payment Companies full control and visibility into the data capture and audit processes. On-demand metrics and analytics surrounding quality and turnaround eliminates the “black box” approach, often associated with outsourcing, and instead provide absolute transparency.

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