Machine Learning Outsourcing

iTech applies Machine Learning (ML) paired OCR and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies to client data entry outsourcing needs. When combined, they provide powerful solutions to tasks that can be complex and repetitive.

OCR paired Machine Learning allows for more than just the simple translation of alphanumeric characters. Instead, it starts with translating and quickly learns where to find data points, what to do with them, and how to apply them for quality output. Unlike OCR, it can work outside structured formats to produce high-quality output that OCR outsourcing alone cannot match.

iTech’s Machine Learning services are often paired with RPA to complete tasks after raw information is fed to ML and an output file created. At this point a simple hand-off would normally occur for a client to manually manipulate their data. Instead, RPA mimics the multiple tasks a human would perform to complete tasks that iTech specializes in. These include freight bill auditing, sales order entry, Invoice data capture, and accounts payable processes.

An iTech solution can perform capture and indexing functions in 1.7 seconds. This translates to thousands of documents per hour versus manual processing, which is around 30 documents per hour.

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